Send your skin to Rehab

#37 Health & Beauty Rehab London

British skincare brand for men Rehab London has arrived on our shores. We speak to creator and celebrity hair and make-up
artist Lisa Hilton

By Cheryl Chia

British skincare label Rehab London has a full range of men’s grooming products. Creator Lisa Hilton is a hair and make-up artist who has worked on films such as My Week With Marilyn, Stardust, Downton Abbey and Strictly Come Dancing.

In an interview, Lisa relates some of her on-set experiences.

“On the film Stardust, Robert De Niro had to be shaven at least three times a day, and then the prosthetics went back on. His face was red and raw, and we needed to cool his skin down. We had to use natural clean products that penetrate the skin quickly but are not oily,” Lisa reveals.

She’s also crossed paths with Dustin Hoffman at the Cannes Film Festival on a celebrity beach where she was sharing a show booth with a friend.

Lisa says, “At first, I didn’t recognise him but a severely sunburnt man was walking towards us and I realised that it was Dustin Hoffman! We gave him a bottle of water and applied the Calm Balm on him and within a few minutes his skin had really… calmed down. He got some products from us and was even shot by the paparazzi holding our products. It was great and surreal!”

Men’s skin produces 20 per cent more oil than women and the lower part of their faces are aggravated as they shave. They are also more prone to clogged pores and an oily T-zone.

Rehab London comprises Scrub Up Daily Detox ($24.95), Cold Turkey Shaving Gel ($24.95), Morning Glory ($38), a daily moisturiser, No Shine ($38), a moisturiser for oil control, Calm Balm ($27.95), a post-shave balm and Revive Survive ($42.95), an anti-fatigue cream.

“For two years, the products were in development. We tested and tweaked them on over 2,000 men; most of them celebrities,” she laughs.

The Revive Survive, the anti-fatigue cream, is one that Lisa recommends the most for Singaporean men as the skin is constantly tired from exposure to air conditioning as well as the harsh sun outside. The Rehab London products have a light gardenia scent with notes of lime, rose oil and cloves.

Rehab London also counts stars such as Robert Pattinson, Robbie Williams and Russell Brand and Simon Cowell as its fans.

The brand also intends to create a shower gel within a few months.

Rehab London is available at Beauty Horizon and Beauty by Nature outlets and online at