Revitalise your crowning glory

You don’t need to hide under caps or even big sunglasses or face masks if you’re losing your crowning glory – professional solutions await!



Hair loss is a tricky issue. It doesn’t solely happen to one group of people.

Hair loss affects anyone from their 20s to their 40s. It could be eating habits or lack of hair care but no matter what the message is clear – if you are experiencing hair loss, you need professional help.

There are many products in the market which claim to combat hair loss. How much money have you wasted purchasing those products to no avail? Why not try an actual treatment tailored to this specific problem?

The Solution to Hair Loss

Mashu introduces its Anti Hair Loss Soda Spa Scalp treatment. Experience a powerful new blast of carbonated water treatment from Japan’s Tansan Bubble Spa using carbonated water, clinically proven to improve blood circulation while deep-cleansing grease and dirt from follicles.

This treatment works on oily scalps, dry and damaged hair as well as for general hair loss problems.


Anti Hair Loss Soda Spa Scalp Treatment

What: This treatment cares for your hair and skin, and refreshes you as a whole. Here is what it comprises.

  • Carbonated Water: It softens and smoothens your hair, while ensuring your hair becomes more tangle-free and giving it a pretty glow.
  • Shiseido Professional Shampoo: The fuente forte will make your scalp clean and smooth.
  • Soda Spa Foam: It ensures your hair becomes shiny, silky and beautiful
  • Sparkling Spa Shower: This is especially for aging and dry skin, as the carbonic acid scalp care will ensure your hair maintains its beauty and health.
  • Sparkling Glee: This is a hair styling gel that doubles-up as a moisturiser for scalp, hair and skin.

Beauty Just Got Easier

Remember those luxurious locks on your favourite celebrities? Those actually do demand major maintenance. This is especially true for celebrities, as they always have to change their hairstyles to fit their varying looks.

Hence, if you tend to vary your look and hairstyle, it is even more important for you to make sure that you repair your hair regularly.

Original Soda Spa Foam

What: The Original Soda Spa Foam is a fine and rich foam created from carbon dioxide. It is simple to use!

Where: This can be applied not just on your hair but also on your face, body and scalp.

How: Apply and rinse off this spa foam in a simple pack, as you would in your usual shower routine. The difference is that this Original Soda Spa Foam brings you shining beauty!

For a professional experience, simply head to le blanc by mashu at Plaza Singapura and arrange an appointment for the “Special Scalp Treatment” from its menu of service offerings.

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