Klarity for crystal clear skin

Klarity just introduced their newest range of LaserTox. Here’s the rundown of what it means


Klarity, a new skincare brand, aims to fulfill beauty needs with professionalism. It conveys the value of its brand by only providing clients with high-quality products. Two product lines – V-line Series and Miracle White Series have been launched already.

Klarity’s two new product lines consist of an array of innovative products that are paraben free and halal certified. These products are the result of much research and development conducted by dermatologists in Korea, with formulae from France and Switzerland.

What exactly is LaserTox?

LaserTox is a functional treatment through methodology that brings the user targeted treatment to improve on specific concerns, by adopting the laser technology which reinforces penetration of the natural beauty essences into the skin’s dermis layer.

To simplify:

1) Laser- confined permeability through skin tissue. Focus essence penetration onto target area

2) Detox – purification of the skin layers to enhance a better absorption of the essence upon application not skin. Cleansed skin has better absorption power.

My review on Klarity

I tried their LaserTox V-line Shape Up, a 5-day treatment to shape and lift the face. My review stands that on the 3th day, my face did lose some of its puffiness and that my friends commented on my Instagram photo exclaiming that, “Nicole are you using Photowonder to edit your face again?”

I am looking forward to the 5th day already!