K-Palette rides the Korean wave

K-Palette is a recently launched line of ultra-cute make-up products. Here are our favourites

There are no impossibilities when it comes to beautifying yourself! K-Palette proves that with its introduction of 1 Day Magic, a makeup series that is designed to fulfill every girl’s dream to be Kawaii. Coming in the form of 4 essential products that can effortlessly enhance, line and contour, expect a transformation to your appearance.


1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner RSP: $22.90

Achieve 3 times the thickness in a single stroke with K-Palette 1 Day Magic flat-tip eyeliner brush. Promising to moisturize your skin while encouraging  eyelash growth during application, also experience the outstanding waterproof feature of this crowd-pleaser.


1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara RSP: $27.90

With both fiber and volume mascara set in one, increase the volume of your eyelashes up to 10 times with the thick fiber brush. Equipped with an impressive curl-keep polymer, keep your eyelashes lifted in a graceful arc throughout the day.

My review on K-Palette

I tried their 1 Day Magic Fiber mascara and 1 Day Magic Liquid eyeliner set. My review stands that while the mascara did wonders into beautifying my eyelashes, it was the eyeliner that truly impressed me. I am a faithful user of my previous eyeliner so I had not been trying any other product. This one was much more lasting and finer than my previous.

While we can’t be Korean superstars, we can definitely try to look like (the Singaporean version) of them!