#WeekenderTries: ProYellow Laser Treatment

This tried-and-tested treatment banishes acne and large pores

Facial treatments are the Holy Grail of skincare quick fixes. Got a hot date or red carpet event coming up? There’s a treatment out there to address your skin’s needs, whether it is brightening dullness or fighting a persistent zit.

These treatments offer little to no downtime and will help you put your best face forward.


(Photo: Face, Body & Skin Aesthetics Medical Centre)

What: The ProYellow Laser Treatment ($700), from Face, Body & Skin Aesthetics Medical Centre, effectively banishes pimples and bacteria, especially when combined with other treatments ranging from lasers to carbon peels and medical grade facials.

Tried-and-tested: “With old acne scars being one of my key concerns, I was eager to test the efficacy of this treatment.

The session started with a mandatory consultation with Dr Chiam Chiak Teng, who observed that I had some open pores around the T-zone and there was some pigmentation due to my love for the sun.

With my skin cleansed, chilled gel was applied all over my face before he proceeded with the ProYellow laser treatment. For the first round, a larger hand piece was used. It was mostly soothing, though occasionally it felt like a cold iron was gliding across my skin with a slight prickling sensation.

The non-ablative (non-wounding) laser vaporises dirt, dust, debris, bacteria, sweat and oil on the skin surface for clearer skin. In addition, it helps to shrink enlarged pores as well as sebaceous glands so as to control excess sebum production.

Next, a smaller hand piece was used to target and lighten specific spots on my skin. The sensation from the ProYellow laser is more intense than the first, and if you have a low threshold of pain, you might find yourself flinching a little.”

Verdict: “After the half an hour treatment, my skin immediately looked smooth and radiant. The pores around my T-zone also seemed smaller. With just one session, my skin tone was improved.”

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A version of this article appeared in the print edition of Weekender, Issue 156, July 22 – August 4, 2016, with the headline ‘Best face forward’.


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