Beauty hacks for New Year visiting

Let the experts teach you how to keep your makeup fresh and long-lasting in between home visits


Ever left your house with immaculate makeup only to find it smudged soon after? This Lunar New Year, follow these expert tips and look flawless all day as you embark on festive visiting to the homes of relatives and friends.


Use the Right Amount of Foundation


Many ladies commit the mistake of piling on copious layers of foundation, which only results in it caking up later in the day. Celine Cheang (pictured above), Etude House Trainer, recommends using Etude House’s Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion ($32), which is long-lasting, moisturising and helps to whiten skin as well as combat wrinkles.

With its Glow Lock complex, the product inhibits moisture evaporation, leaving your skin radiant and luminous all day. The all-in-one foundation cushion also comprises UV protection properties, which makes it ideal for our tropical weather.

Available at all Etude House Boutiques.


Control Sebum Secretion So Eye Makeup Lasts Longer


Tina Oh (pictured above), Laneige Trainer, recommends using eye primer on your eyelids and eyebrows to help your eye makeup stay on all day, keeping touch-ups to a minimum.

Try Laneige Lumi Block Primer ($42), a primer with the ability to effectively control sebum secretion for an oil-free complexion. If you want your make-up to last even longer, she suggests applying a thin layer over once you’ve finished applying your makeup.

Exclusively available at Laneige boutiques.


Use Liquid Lipsticks or Lip Tints Instead

Real Fluid Rouge (Feb 2016)

There’s no guarantee that you’ll have easy access to a mirror during visiting, so opt for liquid lipsticks or lip tints instead of your usual lipstick, says Dorothy Lim, Innisfree Trainer. With liquid lipsticks and lip tints, you can avoid unsightly harsh lines and still have enough colour on your puckers.

Dorothy suggests using Innisfree’s Real Fluid Rouge, which is formulated with lightweight spherical colour powder and complements the shape of the lips well. Infused with camellia oil and wax extracted from sunflower seeds, the liquid lipstick will keep your lips looking plump and moist all day.

Available at Innisfree stores.


Rehydrate with Toners While on the Move


Toners can help to refresh the skin and prepare it for optimal moisture absorption, which allows makeup to stay on longer and leaves skin looking more radiant.

Teri Tay (pictured above), Dermalogica Skin Expert, recommends Dermalogica Multi-active Toner ($23 for 50ml and $72 for 250ml).

The product is formulated with ingre-dients such as lavender extract, which works against environmental pollutants, and balm mint, which has anti-bacterial properties. The arnica in the formula also helps to ease inflammation.

Available at all authorised Dermalogica skin treatment centres — AsterSpring and exclusive Dermalogica salons.
By Natalie Kwan