8 Nostalgic Gadgets That Are Making Fiery Comebacks

Revive your favourite childhood memories with analogue cameras, retro console games and more

Photo: Sega

These days, nostalgia is king.

How else can you explain figments of our youth getting modern-day resurrections every so often?

Apart from cyclical fashion items like bell-bottom jeans and chokers, the tech scene has also welcomed a bunch of old-school gadgets — all revived and with good measure.

From Tamagotchis to Polaroid cameras, it’s clear from these gems that old is gold.

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Photo: Nokia

2. Nokia 3310

The legendary Nokia 3310 has been revived as a modern classic and with a 2-megapixel camera, no less.

While low-tech, the smartphone does come with a few nifty features such as battery life of up to a month on standby, a headphone jack, an FM Radio and even an SD card slot for saving extra music and photos.

Plus, did we mention it’s got 2.4-inch curved colour screen? All the better for users to play the retro Snake game. Available in four bright and cheery colours, the hardy-looking phone does look like it could put a dent in whatever surface it hits.

Unfortunately, the revamped Nokia 3310 won’t be usable here, considering 2G mobile services in Singapore have been terminated.

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