7 Herbs To Boost Your Health And Beauty

Nourish your body with these herbs for shiny hair, clear skin and better blood circulation

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Makeup can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to beautifying ourselves, but that unmistakable glow that shines from within a healthy complexion? Priceless.

To attain health and beauty in the long run, consider adding these seven herbs to your diet:


Try adding these herbs to your diet for that inner glow.

1. Dang Gui (当归 / Radix Angelicae Sinensis) for silky hair

The first thing you may notice when you encounter dang gui root is its strong but pleasantly musky odor.

According to TCM (traditional chinese medicine), this odor indicates that the herb will not only nourish, but will also disperse the blood through the body, penetrating the tissues and making the skin glow, the hair luxuriant, and the mind serene (qualities seen in young women in their prime).

2. Dang Sheng (党参 / Codonopsis Root) for improved blood circulation

Codonopsis Root is commonly known for its ability to help regulate blood circulation in the body. It is also used as a nourishment to regulate weakness, fatigue, paleness, loss of appetite and shortness of breath.

It also works wonders for those with a weaker immunity as it helps to improve blood circulation, replenish blood deficiency and revitalise the whole body.


Dang Gui makes the skin glow, and the hair luxuriant.

3. Du Zhong (杜仲 / Eucommia Bark) for better overall health

Eucommia Bark is a herb that is frequently used to improve overall health. Many associate Eucommia Bark with its medical prowess. It can invigorate the kidney and nourish the liver; strengthen the bones, ligaments and tendons; treat kidney and liver deficiencies and impotence and relieve back aches.

Although too much protein in the diet can advance the aging process, the Eucommia Bark can help to increase the body’s metabolism and delay the aging process. This herb is also used in hair treatments to improve hair texture, regain its shine and prevent hair loss.

4. Ginseng for better immunity

Many of us know ginseng and appreciate its health benefits. This herb can nourish the lungs, improve vitality, calm the nerves, protect the immune system and even cardiovascular health.

The ginsenosides present in ginseng extract, directly enter the fibre of the hair and helps to prevent hair problems such as thinning, greying and loss of hair.

5. He Shou Wu (何首乌 / Fallopia Multiflora) for glowing skin

The extracts of fallopia multiflora help to cleanse the blood and dilate blood vessels to improve blood circulation. As such, skin complexion, brain cells, as well as the condition of our hair, will improve with improved blood flow in the body.


The ginsenosides present in ginseng extract, directly enter the fibre of the hair and helps to prevent hair problems such as thinning, greying and loss of hair.

6. Ling Zhi (灵芝 / Lucid Ganoderma) for antioxidant properties

The unique extract of Lingzhi mushroom offers unparalleled antioxidant properties, boosts scalp immunity, strengthens hair roots and repairs hair along the whole length. It is recommended as a preventive and repairing substance combating hair loss and early alopecia.

7. Niu Si (Achyranthes Root) for muscle strengthening

Achyranthes Root nourishes the liver and kidney, as well as strengthens bones and muscles. It can be used to relieve painful menstruation and regulate menstruation cycle.

In addition, it can treat stiffness, weakness and pain at different parts of our body such as our joints, back, knees, muscles and bones. It is also used to treat headaches aggravated by anger or emotional stress.

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