7 Furniture Stores Besides IKEA To Shop All Your Homeware Needs

Spruce up your home with eco-friendly furniture at great value

We love IKEA for its variety of minimalist and easy-to-assemble furniture. But if your home is starting to look like it could be a page from the IKEA catalogue, maybe it’s time to mix up your BILLY bookcases and LACK tables with pieces from other retailers.

Lucky for us, there are many home décor stores to choose from in Singapore, and recently, more have been popping up. These six local and international brands continue to set high standards for lifestyle and household products, offering not only quality at affordable prices, but also additional features like online shopping convenience and eco-friendly materials.

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Photo: MUJI


This popular Japanese retailer needs no introduction. MUJI’s well-loved minimalist designs permeate all their products, but it is their furniture collections that best capture their zen approach to lifestyle. Sustainability is also key to this design philosophy, so you can expect various products made from wood and organic cotton. Although its e-commerce site closed down in December, you can still shop the range of storage shelves, bed frames, mattresses, desks, sofas and more at physical MUJI stores across Singapore.

You can view the latest catalogue online.

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