6 Singaporean Brands That Slayed It In Hollywood

These homegrown labels have been spotted on A-list stars around the world

Can we get three cheers for national pride? It must be fate that this Little Red Dot fits right in on the red carpet, what with global celebrities parading our local products and giving our brands a well-deserved boost.

Here are 10 Singaporean labels that have been seen on international actors, models and the like, in Hollywood and beyond.

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Photo: X-Mini

1. X-Mini: Victoria Beckham & Jay Park

X-Mini’s portable speakers are loud and proud given their brushes with celebrities like style icon Victoria Beckham, who lauded them on Twitter as “perfect for when travelling”.

Korean rapper Jay Park has admitted to being “practically inseparable” from his X-Mini speakers, and even collaborated with the brand to produce limited-edition capsule speakers in 2013.

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