6 Reasons Why This Is The Ultimate Shower Experience

Treat yourself and unwind in the comfort of your own home

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Shower time is my favourite time of the day.

A perk-me-up session in the morning or some much-needed me-time after a long day at work is always a welcome respite thanks to the soothing sounds of falling water and the relaxing "aqua massage" on sore muscles.

Now, you can take your daily shower one step further by indulging a spa-like experience thanks to hansgrohe Select products.

Here are six reasons why you should invest in one:

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6. Save money, save time but still have a splendid experience

With a decisive and swift push on the Select button, you can now be certain that the water flow has came to a complete stop after your pampering shower experience. No more worries about wasted water (or $$$) due to the mixer not being closed properly!
Now, who’s in for that pampering spa experience?
If you would like a pampering shower experience at the comfort of your own home too, Weekender readers can now enjoy 25% off regular-priced products under hansgrohe brand when you pay with any Citibank debit/ credit cards. Promotion ends 28 February 2017. The Select range is available at Hansgrohe Boutique, 69 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239015. Find out more about hansgrohe Select products here.  
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