6 Reasons Why This Is The Ultimate Shower Experience

Treat yourself and unwind in the comfort of your own home

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Shower time is my favourite time of the day.

A perk-me-up session in the morning or some much-needed me-time after a long day at work is always a welcome respite thanks to the soothing sounds of falling water and the relaxing “aqua massage” on sore muscles.

Now, you can take your daily shower one step further by indulging a spa-like experience thanks to hansgrohe Select products.

Here are six reasons why you should invest in one:

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Photo: hansgrohe

1. Revolutionise your shower experience with a push of a button

The latest hansgrohe thermostats and shower heads that are fitted with Select technology, which means no more fumbling through soapy situations to turn the faucet on and off while you take your shower. With a simple push of the Select button, you can now easily select your desired shower outlets (overhead showers and hand showers) conveniently.

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