5 Ways To Get A Flat Tummy Without Exercise

Try these easy tricks to get a flatter belly without any exercise

By Nicole-Marie Ng

Wouldn’t it be nice to get supermodel abs without even trying?

Truth is, to look that good, there’s definitely a lot of hard work and dedication involved. But, if diet and exercise haven’t been working for you, here are some tricks that might help you shed those excess inches you’ve been working so hard to lose.



1. Drink more water

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time, chances are you’ve seen this bit of advice countless of times. The reason why water is your best friend is because it helps you to feel full without having to consume any calories. Drink a full bottle of water half an hour before any meal and you will most likely end up eating less while feeling satiated.

If drinking plain water gets too monotonous, try drinking a cup of green tea or fruit infused water. Add a wedge of lemon or a couple of cut strawberries to help ease you into drinking more water.



2. Choose the right foods

Certain types of food help you to reduce bloating will filling you up. A high protein diet has been scientifically proven to help improve weight loss. This means that you should try to incorporate more foods like chicken breasts, eggs, and tofu to your diet. You should also consume more leafy greens, particularly vegetables that are vibrantly coloured like kale and spinach. Broccoli and cauliflower are also great carbohydrate alternatives that keep you full without the excess sugars and calories.



3. Relax

Ever notice how you tend to lose weight while on holiday despite eating a lot more? You mental health also plays a part in keeping your stomach looking leaner. When you’re stressed, your digestion is impacted, making your more constipated. Stress also sends hormones to the brain that signals more fat to be stored in your midsection to protect the vital organs. To combat this, do an activity that helps you to relax, this could be meditation, colouring or even reading a book.



4. Try Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Used by athletes on their days of recovery, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) causes muscle fibres to twitch in the same way they would during exercise. This allows you to train your muscles even while lying down watching TV.

The MTG SIXPAD is an advanced piece of training gear that can help you effortlessly sculpt and tone your physique. The SIXPAD is very lightweight, weighing a mere 84g, which means that it can be brought with you anywhere and used at any time of the day when you think you can squeeze in some muscle stimulation.

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Venuus Freeze Logo

5. Venus Freeze Treatment

For a more spa-like experience, try Marie France Bodyline’s new Venus Freeze treatment. The Venus Freeze treatment uses Magnetic Pulse technology to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Magnetic Pulse fields have a track record in helping the skin regenerate through the synthesis of collagen, helping the skin around the stomach appear smoother and tighter.

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