5 Items We Love In CL’s New MV “Lifted”

CL’s debut solo music video “Lifted” garnered more than a million hits in less than 24 hours

Cover photo: Instagram @chaelincl

Congratulations, CL (ChaeLin)! Although the leader of hot Korean girl band 2NE1 only released her debut solo music video “Lifted” less than 24 hours ago, her video has already crossed the one millionth view mark on YouTube.

Talk about lifted spirits and being on cloud nine.

In her debut solo video, stunning scenes from Chelsea Pier and the back alleys of Lower East Side make their appearance along with the wonderful New York City skyline.

Besides the beautiful cinematography and energetic choreography, CL also wows us with her amazing wardrobe.

Here are five items we love:

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1. This bikini set

In the video’s opening minutes, a close-up of her toned summer bod can be seen, complete with a smoking hot two-piece, off-white swimwear with large golden eyelets and chain details.

The sold-out swimwear that CL wears is the Tricja bikini set from Agent Provocateur.

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