4 Meaningful Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day

Cheer on the women in your life and be inspired for positive change

This International Women's Day, take time out to celebrate all the strong and inspiring women in your life.

Originally a commemoration of the struggle for women's rights, the date has now taken on bigger significance as women rally for increased activism and engagement.

Here in our Little Red Dot, various brands have stepped up to honour womanhood in meaningful ways.

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4. Cheer on your fellow girl bosses

Gender stereotypes, under-representation — just some of the pressing issues women still grapple with in the workforce today.

In a social experiment, Lifetime sets out to see if these gender stereotypes hold true, in a bid to inspire women across Asia on the power of possibilities.

The video centres around unsuspecting participants who were tasked to identify the real boss from three executives, and captures the candid reactions of the six men and women of different ages.



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