13 Types of Singaporean Men You Will Meet On Tinder

Love at first swipe? Think twice, and then think again.

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While doing research for our feature on five alternative popular online dating apps, we got curious about Tinder itself. We've heard of the many horror stories from swiping right while overseas, but how about the men in Singapore?

We roped in a couple of buds staying across Singapore to come up with this informative Tinder guide for you ladies hoping to find your Prince Charming through the app. Here are the 13 types of men you will encounter on Tinder in Singapore.

Names and sensitive content have been blurred out for privacy because we don't name and shame. 

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2. The Entrepreneur

Their profiles might not explicitly say anything about their occupation, but when you are found to be useful, they use this chance to strike and promote their careers, jobs and business opportunities.

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