Time to curb irresponsible driving habits of motorists today

Contributed by EUNICE LI DAN YUE – 

How To Curb Irresponsible Driving Habits of Motorists Today?

Road safety is affected by both natural and man-made conditions.

These days, we do not only see drivers who do not signal when making turns or changing lanes. Worse still, even if they signal, they give you the wrong indication: for example: that they signal to go to the left of the lane, but they go to the right instead; and vice versa. It seemed as if motorist are having this mindset that “surely other drivers will be able to figure out that I signal wrongly; if they do not get it, it is their fault, and not mine.”

Existing bad habits of motorists today

Just recently, my husband nearly got into an accident in the vicinity of the Orchard Tower area as the other motorist was driving in the reverse direction in a one-way street, and this is really dangerous.

Just last week, my husband nearly got into a rear-end hit with the car in front of us, as the car suddenly cut into our lane without giving any prior warning. Luckily, my husband pressed the brake immediately to slow our car down.

In fact, commercial vehicle drivers are not the only culprits of the growing problem of road hogging on the rightmost lane. I have seen an increasing number of private cars doing this bad habit too.

Revive nationwide campaign on road safety

Education has a part to play in ensuring safer roads.

The last nationwide campaign on road safety was conducted in 2013, about a year ago; in talks in schools, in the form of concerts for the elderly people and participants are invited to participate in traffic games, to learn of the correct traffic rules and how to change the bad habits.

Thus I think that it is about time now that the authorities consider reviving such efforts, to remind the motorists of the importance of having good driving habits.

By Eunice Li Dan Yue