PappaRich Plus hits the right notes with their home cooked dishes

PappaRich Plus introduces a more extensive menu including a variety of classic Malaysian dishes designed to be shared over the dinner table. Now, there’s no need to go across the causeway for authentic Malaysian dishes.

Tastes just like home

With the classic Malaysian dishes that range from rich and flavourful Indian curries to mouth-watering Peranakan desserts that are also meant for sharing, PappaRich Plus manages to provide diners with a true Malaysian dining experience offered in a comfortable setting.

Curry Fish Head

The Curry Fish Head is a delight

The Curry Fish Head ($34.90), a family favourite, is a combination of influences from Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. The dishes uses 22 different spices that are lovingly cooked for four hours resulting in a deep and richly flavoured curry base. The fish head, from a Red Snapper, was specially chosen for this dish. The result was a sweet flesh complementing the mild pepperiness of the curry.

I preferred the Broccoli with Shitake Mushrooms ($16.90) to the Four Heavenly Kings in Sambal Belacan ($11.90). With already many dishes that included spices, it was good to have a dish that balanced our palettes and was lighter in taste.

All covered

The extensive menu at PappaRich Plus covers your needs at anytime of the day, from a hearty breakfast to a filling dinner. Now, PappaRich Plus even offers meals for teatime!

Boasting new items perfect for breakfast or teatime, the all-day dining Malaysian street food chain introduces new items like the Iced Black Gold Coffee ($5.50), which uses the method of cold brewing where ground Arabica coffee is immersed in ice cold water and carefully steeped overnight.

Rich Layer Tea Latter (Iced)

The cold-layered tea hits you like a breath of fresh air. Perfect on a hot day!

Through this technique, the coffee’s essence is gradually extracted leaving a slightly translucent brew without the sour or acidic aftertaste.

Intricate interiors

Apart from their food, PappaRich Plus also goes all out in ensuring the interiors of the restaurant will goes well with the cuisine served. While sharing similar colonial design features with other four PappaRich branches, the outlets at Plaza Singapura and ONE KM have incorporated additional elements as a point of differentiation.

PappaRich Plus - Interior Plaza Singapura


PappaRich has a really comfortable themed setting to dine in.

Taking inspiration from Peranakan interiors, the floors are sleekly lined with intricate geometric tiles. The ceiling feature meranti wood, a prized native of Malaysia’s rainforest, fashioned into simple patterned panels. Marble dining tables here are also larger allowing for big dining parties, highlighting PappaRich Plus’s concept of coming together and sharing new communal style Malaysian dishes.

PappaRich Plus has outlets at Plaza Singapura and OneKM.

By Eu Shuqi