#NYFW: Top 5 Trends From DKNY SS17 Collection

Laidback streetwear and futuristic atheleisure, showcased by a supermodel squad

Photos: Lynn Yang, shot on Nikon D5500, courtesy of Nikon 

DKNY presented its Spring/Summer 2017 collection at a splendid, breezy location at The High Line near Chelsea Pier.

Creatively directed by Public School’s Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Cho, the show wowed us with its effortless synchronisation, headlined by a bevy of Insta-famous models.

A squad of top models including Warukata, Soo Joo and Bella Hadid strutted down the runway in futuristic atheleisure pieces, speckled with dashes of warm orange, brown, blues and blacks — successfully challenging perspectives of the brand's penchant for monochrome looks.

Meanwhile, here are our favourite styles:

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2. Sweeping fringes

Monochrome, sweeping fringes added a touch of dramatic movement as models sashayed down. The memorable looks were as casual as they were statement-making.

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