More mooncakes to whet your appetite this Mid-Autumn season

Here’s where else to get your mooncake fix this Mid-Autumn season

Have you checked out our guide to this season’s best mooncakes? In case that’s not enough to satiate your appetite, here are five more places for you to get your mooncake fix.

Peninsula Egg Custard Mooncakes

Egg Custard HK S

The salted egg custard as a trending flavour shows no signs of dying out, and what better way to indulge than with Peninsula Hotel’s signature mini egg custard mooncakes?

Originally created by Chef Yip of Peninsula Hong Kong in 1986, the light, mini egg custard mooncake is a contemporary take on the traditional filling of lotus seed paste and duck egg yolk.

Known to sell out fast, we recommend getting your hands on it quick — for the mooncakes are truly addictive with their smooth paste, which hits the spot with just the right amount of sweet and saltiness.

$66 for 8, Peninsula Hotel

Ritz Carlton Cake on the moon

CAKE ON THE MOON_The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore_

More cake than mooncake; this otherworldly take on the traditional Mid-Autumn pastry is called ‘Cake On The Moon’. Available in a limited edition box set which resembles space food packing, the four flavours including chocolate, hazelnut, lemon and pistachio, are presented in sealed silver tins.

Each cake is accented with a crisp biscuit base and a flavoured filling at its core, giving you a surprise with every bite. We think this will make a great gift that’s bound to be a conversation starter at any gathering.

$69 for 4, Ritz Carlton Hotel

Hua Ting Restaurant Golden SG50 Mini Snow Skin Red/White Twist

Golden SG50 Mini Snow Skin RedWhite Twist

Celebrate our nation’s 50th birthday with Hua Ting Restaurant’s Golden SG50 Mini Snow Skin Red/White Twist mooncakes, which feature the iconic Merlion in red and white.
Each mooncake is crafted with a combination of red bean paste and salted green bean paste, and promises a delightful popping surprise when you take a bite. Imbued with luxurious bits of gold foil and sprinkled with popping candies, these mooncakes are the perfect combination of nostalgia and luxury.
$9.50 per piece, Hua Ting Restaurant

Dean & Deluca’s traditional mooncakes with a twist

SG50 Hamper ($68)


For the first time this year, gourmet food store Dean & DeLuca is presenting a tantalising range of traditional baked mooncakes to whet your appetite.

You can expect four flavours — Maple Walnut, Coffee Mocha, Earl Grey and White Lotus with Macadamia, available in beautiful gift sets.

Take your pick from the SG50 Hamper Set which features 2 mooncakes and a limited edition SG50 tote bag; the Full Moon Hamper Set filled with three exquisite Michel Cluizel chocolate bars, two bottles of Pommillon Sparkling Juice and two mooncakes; or the Harvest Hamper Set which will impress with its Dean & DeLuca exclusive Yerba Mate Lemongrass Tea, Darjeeling Tea, two Dean & DeLuca Latte Mugs in Black, Michel Cluizel Cacao 72% Chocolate Bar and four mooncakes.

$68 for SG50 Hamper Set, $98 for Full Moon Hamper Set, $128 for Harvest Hamper Set; Dean & DeLuca

Putien Madam Leng Purple Yam mooncakes

M0726 Putien_246

We’ve seen our fair share of baked and snowskin mooncakes, but even so, we’ll always have a soft spot for the ones with flaky pastries.

Putien’s Madam Leng Mooncakes pays homage to its longest-serving employee of the namesake, and are made from layers of dough rolled together in alternating fashion over a generous filling, which are then deep-fried to produce a crispy crust with a satisfying texture reminiscent of western puff pastries.

Of all the flavours they offered, the Japanese purple sweet potato flavoured ones stood out for its smoothness and subtle sweetness.

$52 for 4, Putien


by Samantha Francis