Monarch Gold: The home decor trend that will be huge this year

AkzoNobel and Dulux have named Monarch Gold as the ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2016

From the latest smartphones to trendy fashion pieces, gold and gold tones are being used everywhere in the design world.

It is also a great colour to incorporate into your life this Year of the Monkey. According to Feng Shui Master, Jet Lee, Monarch Gold provides stability, perseverance and determination, desirable qualities for both the home and office.

Here are four chic ways to incorporate Monarch Gold to your interior decor this year.

1. Contrast Monarch Gold against dark colours


Painting a room a dark colour might not be a popular choice among Singaporeans but this home shows us how darker colours can make a room feel more cosy. The pops of gold also steer the room away from being too drab and dreary.

2. Try a warm colour palette


Since gold is a warm tone colour, it naturally complements other warm tones like reds and pinks. This pretty combination livens up the room without being too harsh on the eyes.

3. Have fun with it


Far from being the gaudy colour that only fits into opulent decor themes, Monarch Gold can also be used as a fun accent in rooms. In this home, the gold breaks the monotony of the wallpaper and adds an unexpected, playful touch.

4. Go light


When in doubt of how to incorporate gold into your home, try painting a feature wall a lighter shade of gold. Monarch gold also complements pastel shades and wood furnishing well in minimalist designs.

Bring balance to your home

Since 2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey, Master Lee recommends balancing yin and yang by introducing earth elements to the home. This includes painting the East and South sections of your home earthy colours like Monarch Gold, Dark Yellow, Brown and Grey.

These colours can bring you wealth, luck, career opportunities, romance and health to make 2016 your best year yet!


by Nicole-Marie Ng

For more information on the Colour of the Year 2016, visit Dulux’s website or Facebook page.