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Online children’s wear label PriviKids sets out to style your children and give back to society at the same time

By Cheryl Chia

Dressing your child in expensive yet stylish clothing may be fun but it is definitely not wallet-friendly at the rate kids grow these days, which is exactly what PriviKids is striving toward – providing stylish clothing at affordable prices.

Founders Darren Yang and Cheryl Tan, a married couple, started Privikids in April as they faced issues finding clothes for their first child, Aiden.

Cheryl says, “We found it a challenge to find stylish, comfortable, unique and affordable clothes for Aiden, even in a cosmopolitan city like Singapore. It was during our travels and after trawling the Internet that we eventually found more choices. To share our finds with like-minded busy parents, we decided to start our own kids’ apparel business through our online concept store.”

The best for every kid

The name PriviKids is a portmanteau of the words “privileged” and “kids”. The couple believes that every parent strives to provide the best for their kids, “whether they are rich, just getting by or poor”.

They say, “We want to help as many kids as possible feel privileged by dressing them up in high-quality yet affordable apparel. At the extreme end of the spectrum, we cannot ignore the existence of under-privileged kids who do not even have access to clothes in good condition as they grow up.”

PriviKids also collects pre-loved clothing in good condition from their customers to help donate them to charitable causes such as The Salvation Army and Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS).

Cheryl says, “As Aiden outgrew his clothes – as first time parents you can imagine how much clothes we bought and received as gifts, with some not even worn – we donated them to The Salvation Army and we thought this is a good way of helping other kids and teaching our own about the important values of consideration and love.”

They collect donated clothing when customers leave a note for them during the checkout process on their site. They then personally collect it. stylish yet affordableThe clothing on the PriviKids site ranges from $15 to $35 and the couple sources the clothing from suppliers in Korea, Taiwan and China.

“The online children’s wear industry is probably at least five years behind the more sophisticated adult wear. The children’s wear industry in Singapore can largely be segregated into two segments; there is the high-quality, unique, stylish but very expensive brands. On the other end, there is the cheap but low-quality and run-of-the-mill clothes that you can find everywhere,” they say.

“At our store, you will realise that stylish, comfortable, unique and affordable clothing is not a rare find but rather our commitment,” they assure.