7 Pet Owners Who Got Extremely Creative With Pet-Proofing Their Christmas Trees

“Not the tinsel, Lucky!”

It’s that time of the year again where our Christmas trees go up, and our pet’s mischievousness goes through the roof as they try all sorts of antics on this ‘strange object’ in their territory. Be it peeing on the tree, jumping into the tree itself or trying to knock the ornaments off— let’s face it, pet owners: Christmas trees pose actual hazards to our furry pals; electrocution being one of the main major dangers.

So these vigilant pet owners took things into their own hands by pet-proofing their Christmas trees— Maybe we’ll end up learning a thing or two from them too!

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1. All Fenced Up 

Sometimes the best solution is to set up a pen around the tree; simple and straightforward. Doesn’t make it any less festive with those ribbons though! 

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