6 truly talented Singaporean Instagrammers you should be following

Be inspired by these creatives and their Instagram feeds


The feed of Instagrammer @lovage is filled with delicate, detailed botanical-inspired art.

In a sea of perfectly curated Instagram feeds, colour-coordinated flat lays, self-proclaimed fashion bloggers and the like, we suss out six truly talented Singaporeans who deserve their following. From photographer to illustrator and even a ‘meme’ maker, these accounts offer us a peek into their creative outlets.

1. @sgmadmeme

With the tagline ‘We SGmeme you’, this account spares no effort in creating highly creative and tongue-in-cheek videos out of various innocent photos from local Instagrammers. Who knows? You could be the next one featured!

2. @pooburr

You’ll find a whole other world in the Instagram account of Stephanie Er — her whimsical and eclectic fashion sense is only topped by her photo editing and videography skills. The occasional cameo of her adorable daughter Ara will make you smile.


3. @_nguan_

The streets of Singapore is transformed, through the dream-like lens of photographer Nguan. His pastel-tone observations of the world is beautifully translated in his photos — of empty corridors, faces mid-stare and strangers wandering.

4. @teeteeheehee


Most of us take photos on our holidays, but Teresa chooses to immortalise her travel memories via embroidery. From the 12 Apostles to sprawling cornfields, each scene is painstakingly recreated through needle and thread.

5. @lovage

Artist Tiffany Tan has a knack for illustrating intricate artwork on skin, by means of henna ink. From anatomical details down someone’s nape to botanicals growing out of a hand, each is lifelike and stunning.

6. @puffingmuffin

The quirky characters of illustrator Candice Phang, or better known as Puffingmuffin, have graced everything from luggages, figurines, Sound Blasters, to even watches and Darth Vader masks. You’ll find yourself charmed by the pastel hues and expressive creatures in her work.

by Samantha Francis