Cars, Books, Perfumes, And More You Can Buy From These Unique Vending Machines in Singapore

One luxury car coming up hot in one minute…

Vending machines used to be just a convenient way to get a can of Coke or a snack. Now, the visual eye-candy and automated efficiency have made the machines marketing gold for all kinds of products. We all know Japan is queen when it comes to super cool and quirky vending machines, but we have some pretty rad ones here that have put us on the news, too. Some of these vending machines are ingeniously useful, while others make us never doubt the weirdness of Singaporean minds again.

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Photo: Autobahn Motors


1. Luxury cars

Autobahn Motors really put Singapore on the map for this wicked cool concept. It’s not just a massive ‘vending machine’ for cars, it displays and sells multi-million-dollar luxury cars in 60 individual slots. We’re talking Porsches, Ferraris, Rolls-Royces, and vintage Bentleys. Their YouTube channel is stocked with video showcases of each of their car models. If you’re thinking that buying cars this valuable can’t just be a totally self-service experience, you’re right – you can still check out the cars up close with the help of the staff, before making your purchases. But there is an automated system involved. Visitors use a touchscreen tablet to select a car they wish to view from the 15-storey showroom, and it gets sent down within two minutes.

20 Jalan Kilang, #02-00, Singapore 159418

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