Singapore Celebrities – Where are they now?

There are Singapore actors and actresses we will never forget – but it seems that they have faded out of the spotlight and into oblivion. Where are they now?

Sharon Au: our favourite radio deejay

Mystery: Mark Lee once famously said that prior to Sharon Au’s MIA from the industry, he has never been able to bag the “Most Popular Host” . Why did she leave at the peak of her prime? Her decision to go to Japan to further her studies shook the media scene as it lost one of its most renowned and popular host. She stopped appearing in Bak Kua commercials and for a while, she was off the radar.

Solved: Sharon has finally been slowly seen again in the scene, as chief manager of her website styleXstyle. It appears that Japan has mellowed her colorful personality now and that her new passion is in the fashion industry. But we don’t care – we’re just happy to have our favourite face back on our shores again!

Look who got Stomped!

Xie Shao Guang: our favourite monk

Mystery: Famously popular and widely loved, Xie Shao Guang was one of the most talented and versatile folks in Mediacorp, which a multitude of shows under his belt. But where is he today?

The last time he was in a major show was Holland V, where he played Chen Liping’s eventual love interest. After that, it seems as if he has completely dropped out of the media industry. He has stopped all endorsements and has not taken up further acting roles.

Solved: As it turns out, he is now a monk after staying in Malaysia for the past eight years. He was ordained in a ceremony and is now known to his peers as Shao Guang Shi Xiong.

Fiona Xie. Self-perpetuating under “xplacidacidx”. We like!

Fiona Xie: Our favourite genie

Mystery: Fiona Xie always faced her fair share of controversy. Perhaps in part due to her eccentric personality, she has always been great tabloid fodder back in the day. She always has shows asking for her and she has a string of endorsements to boot to. But all that had slowly ebbed away in recent years, along with her presence in the scene.

Solved: In a surprise click, I found Fiona Xie’s instagram profile. From her photos, it seems that she is busy jetsetting and has finally embraced herself full – she is actually beautifully poetic with her words. It was an exquisite side of her we saw and we love it.

Wong Li Lin: Our favourite house wife

Mystery: Wong Li Lin was considered one of the hottest personalities in Mediacorp back then. There were so many newspapers and magazines that constantly dubbed her as the “sexiest woman” in Singapore. We know about her widely-publicized marriage to Allan Wu, and after that she completely dropped off the radar.

Solved: As it turns out, she has followed now-ex partner Allan Wu to Shanghai, choosing to neglect her own career for his. They have since separated and she is now back on our shores with her kids and a new passion for fitness. Her instagram boasts of many impressive body shots.

Ivy Lee: our favourite drama star

Mystery: She was in a string of Channel 8 dramas and she was always the lead. Her roles are so iconic that I can still remember the sound of her voice as I write this. Holland V, Portrait of Home, she was in every big show there ever was. This was a woman who owned every role she took up. Then, she disappeared out of the limelight.

Solved: She is now a proud mummy and spends most of her time spoiling them with gifts and excursions (as seen on her blog). It is clear that she has shifted the focus of her life to her little bundles of joy and it seems that she won’t be changing that decision anytime soon. Her last blog entry was a photo of a cake.

Do you miss any other Singapore celebrities? Let us know!

By Nicole Lee