Alive Museum vs Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum

Korean optical illusion museums have opened in Singapore. We visit both of them to see who’s better

When we heard that both Alive Museum and Trick Eye Museum were both going to open in Singapore, we were excited! Much has been written about and shared on social media about the fun pictures that could be taken at each exhibit.  Well, we finally got round to visiting both.

Thus, here are the pros and cons of each museum

Quality of Exhibits

Trick Eye Museum
Trick Eye Museum (Picture from Trick Eye Facebook Page)

Majority of the exhibits at the Alive Museum were more large scale, but some of the artwork was a little bizarre. The first two artworks you see upon entering are baroque painting with naked women. It was slightly strange to see parents asking children to pose particularly with those artworks.

Trick Eye had more unique exhibits but, most of them were best for couples or a single person. Big groups are more suited for the exhibits at Alive.

Crowd Control

We went to both on a Sunday afternoon and both were equally crowded! And it really depends on what kind of crowd you can handle. The crowd at Trick Eye Museum (which is located in Sentosa) is filled with tourists milling about that come in bigger groups whereas Alive Museum is filled with more locals in small groups.

Alive Museum
Alive Museum (Picture from Alive Facebook Page)

Ticket Costs

Both cost $25 for adults and $20 for children, but the Sentosa charge applies to get into Trick Eye Museum. Alive Museum is at Suntec City and is easily accessible by public transport.

Artwork Maintenance

Celebrity Della Ding Dang visits the Alive Museum
Celebrity Della Ding Dang visits the Alive Museum

The exhibits at Trick Eye Museum look worse for the wear despite opening a few months ago. One of the exhibits was closed as it as broken, another was removed completely and most had paint chips wearing off. We assume all that was due to rough handling by patrons. Alive Museum was a little better maintained with newer looking exhibits.

Bottomline: More than 3 people, go to Alive Museum. Couples should visit Trick Eye instead for solo and slightly more romantic shots.

Visit Trick Eye’s website here and Alive’s here