7 Weird And Wacky Instagram Accounts The Internet Is Obsessed With

The hotties and babes have nothing on creepy fish

Instagram is fertile land for some of the most unique and creative concepts. Some of them feature breathtakingly beautiful sights, some get your own creative juices flowing... then there are those Instagram accounts so hilarious they never fail to make us laugh. In between all the flawless celebrity selfies and amazing travel photography are the wacky, unusual and even downright bizarre content. And users who have discovered such stuff just love it! We've picked out seven of our favourite accounts that have gained a huge following for their eccentric posts.

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Photo: @rfedortsov_official_account / Instagram

2. Roman Fedortsov (@rfedortsov_official_account)

We hope you were not just eating when you saw the image above, and we apologise if you were. But it’s far from the most creepy creature that Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov has shared with the Internet! He catches some of the most terrifying and unusual deep-sea creatures – already dead ones, FYI – and posts them on his Twitter and Instagram. Gross as many of them can be, lots of people can’t take their eyes of them – many of his finds have gone viral!

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