“Friends” Themed Central Perk Cafe In Singapore?

Could we *be* any more excited?

By Pamela Chow; Photos: Courtesy of Central Perk SG Facebook

In this era of themed cafes, a must-visit for TV fans has emerged: Central Perk, the coffee house that’s the famous centrepiece of the classic series “Friends”, may be coming to Singapore.

The project was initiated by “Friends” fan Jit Min and his friends, who have set up a crowdfunding Indiegogo page to help raise funds to get it started. So far, Central Perk SG has raised about US$2,750 out of US$38,000.

Fans can pledge US$7 for a cup of coffee and US$37 for a week’s pass of coffee when the cafe opens. (Yes, “when”, because we have faith.)

Posted by Central Perk SG on Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Want Central Perk SG to become a reality? Pledge a cup of coffee on their crowdfunding page here. You can stay updated on more announcements on the cafe on its Facebook page.