Catch Singapore’s most haunted places on TV

Season 3 of “The Paranormal Zone” returns with Southeast Asia’s most haunted places, featuring four episodes filmed in Singapore

Malaysia’s supernatural television series, “The Paranormal Zone”, returns on Syfy to take on the creepiest places in Southeast Asia.

Premiering on Jun 15, Season 3 features haunted locations in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Daredevil host Phng Li Kim will lead thrilling investigations into these derelict sites, from investigating the ancient art of mysticism in Indonesia and venturing into the enigmatic culture and beliefs of modern Singapore.



Spooky spots featured include abandoned villages in Sabah, Black Magic quarters in Indonesia, and the Death House on Sago Lane in Singapore. This time, you’ll get to take a closer look at the emotional stories behind hauntings, possessions and exorcism.

“The Paranormal Zone” Season Three premieres on Jun 15 at 10.50PM on Syfy (StarHub Ch 517).

All images courtesy of NBCUniversal