All-access to World Heritage wonders

No other structure similar to this exists

No other structure similar to this exists
No other structure similar to this exists

National Geographic Channel’s Access 360° World Heritage series gives you all-access tours to some of the most amazing sites on Earth, such as Sagrada Familia

On Dec 21, at 8pm, National Geographic Channel (NGC) will take you on an exclusive tour of one of the modern wonders of the world, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

The Access 360° World Heritage series brings you new episodes, with all-access tours to more UNESCO World Heritage sites and wonders.

This series is in line with NGC and Panasonic’s shared commitment to inspire and educate viewers to care for the environment and to support UNESCO’s work on the protection of world heritage and cultural diversity.

Exclusive Access

This World Heritage series will bring viewers on an enriching and informative journey across the globe to some of the most well-loved and famous UNESCO World Heritage sites.

It will provide a holistic view of each landmark, including never-before-seen footage that highlights the great history behind each site, behind-the-scenes work, plus a focus on efforts to preserve the culturally-rich heritage at these places.

In the first part that was aired on Oct 19, Access 360° Angkor Wat featured the world-famous ancient landmark in Cambodia, allowing viewers to discover the rich heritage behind the historic site, as well as to understand the conservation efforts that would ensure the survival of the famous temple for future generations.

One of the facades of La Sagrada Familia
One of the facades of La Sagrada Familia

More Fascinating Places

The new series will also feature the Sagrada Familia in Spain, Mount Fuji in Japan, The Everglades in the USA, St Petersburg in Russia, Prague in the Czech Republic, Venice in Italy, the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador as well as Lake Turkana in Kenya.

“The Access 360° World Heritage series has always aimed to provide an enriching learning journey for our viewers on some of the most spectacular places on earth,” said Mr Simeon Dawes, Senior Vice-President of Advertising Sales & Partnerships at FOX One Stop Media.

La Sagrada Familia

The second part, to be aired this December, will feature Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia [in Catalan] or the Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family.

This architectural wonder in Barcelona, Spain, is a unique and iconic masterpiece by the renowned architect Antoni Gaudi.

This grand, complex and fascinating structure has been incomplete since the death of Gaudi in 1826. Construction is still ongoing, and the expected date of completion is between 2026, the centenary of Gaudi’s death, to 2028.

The Sagrada Familia’s architectural design has characteristics of Spanish Late Gothic, Catalan Modernism and Art Nouveau styles but can only be aptly described as “Gaudi”. The Church has three main facades: the Nativity facade to the East, the Passion facade to the West, and the Glory facade to the South that is yet to be complete.

Cooperation & Conservation

“Both National Geographic Channel and Panasonic firmly believe that through this programme, we can help to spread the message of sustainable development and the need for us to appreciate and conserve the rich heritage which we have inherited and hope to pass on to our children,” said Dawes.

The second part of Access 360° World Heritage, on Sagrada Familia, premieres in Singapore on Dec 21, 8pm, on National Geographic Channel, StarHub Ch 411 & SingTel mio Ch 201.