Park Shin Hye: The Sweetheart With A Big Heart

Actress Park Shin Hye has become one of the biggest actresses in the region – but she keeps herself grounded with humility

Photos: Courtesy of One and Wikimedia Commons

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Are you more guarded in real life like Hye Jung, or expressive like your previous characters?

It depends on the occasion and people I am with. But I am quite expressive. [Laughs]

You seem to have lost weight. Can you share with us your fitness or dieting routine?

I exercise a lot: cardio and muscle workouts. I refrain from eating heavy meals after 6pm. I do also drink red bean and pumpkin juice to lessen the swelling.

What’s your comfort food?

Sweet potato pies. [Laughs]

How do you like to treat yourself when you get free time?

Hanging out with the people whom I love, and do just about nothing. We’re so busy with life and sometimes it’s nice to just not do anything but be in the company of your loved ones. You should treat yourself to that too.

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