Park Shin Hye: The Sweetheart With A Big Heart

Actress Park Shin Hye has become one of the biggest actresses in the region – but she keeps herself grounded with humility

Photos: Courtesy of One and Wikimedia Commons

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What have you been busy with recently?

I’ve been shooting “Doctors” since June and it’s my current focus now. I will be busy with this drama until mid-August.

How do you feel about fans comparing “Doctors” to “Descendants of the Sun”?

It’s very hard to compare the dramas because I think they are very different. [“Descendants” was] fully pre-produced so there’s a lot more time to prepare and film, and for “Doctors” we’re shooting as the drama airs.

It’s a lot more challenging but that is what makes the filming fun.

How did you prepare for this medical drama?

We pretty much just dived into it. The drama didn’t start off with me as a doctor, so I was able to ‘grow up’ with Hye Jung.

Medical dramas are tougher than I’d imagined it to be – you have to know the medical procedures and portray it convincingly. Even little details like the sanitising of hands.

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