A Shyamalan Horror Movie You Might Actually Watch

After a slew of poorly performing flicks, M Night Shyamalan may have found his saving grace


Photo: YouTube

As a fan of the horror entertainment industry, I’ve never given up on director M Night Shyamalan. Since he delivered the shocking 1995 Bruce Willis film The Sixth Sense, he has been on a slippery slope of sloppy plot twists, from The Village to The Happening. Still, I held on.

He turned it around with last year’s The Visit, which enjoyed moderate success. But this year, he released a trailer that might well put him in good graces again.

Titled “Split”, the new movie tells of three ordinary teenage girls who are yanked from their everyday life and held captive by a man with split personalities – from a little boy to a brutal beast.

It sounds pretty straightforward – at least, much simpler than his previous diatribes about diseases, aliens and whatnot – but knowing Shyamalan, there’s a twist waiting at the end that will leave your stomach in a tight knot.

I guess after all this time, all he had to do was go minimalism on his movies. And that includes dropping the “The” before his titles.

Split is scheduled for release in 2017.