8 Awesome Singaporean YouTubers You Should Watch Now

Bright young talents who dish out relatable content

Who are some of your favourite YouTubers? Ryan Higa, the Vlogbrothers, Anna Akana? What about local YouTubers? Singapore has more talented and genuinely engaging stars making YouTube videos than you might think. Lots of subscribers doesn’t necessarily mean the best in quality content, though. So we’re sharing several Singaporean YouTubers we’re fans of and subscribe to. Whether they’re making parodies, giving beauty tips, or talking about their daily lives, these local vloggers light up your subscription page.

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Photo: @sugarcat_ (Dominic Chin Singer/Song Writer, Music & Drama Company Artiste) 

1. Dominic Chin 

You’d best put this young 23-year-old singer-songwriter on your radar right now, so you can sing along immediately to his songs when they start hitting the airwaves. Since 2010, Dominic has been covering pop and R&B songs on YouTube as DominicSings. After serving mandatory 2 years of NS, he’s now a full-time artiste with the Music and Drama Company (MDC) of So Drama Entertainment. Dominic made headlines for his tribute song to Mr Lee Kuan Yew, which he also wrote; it attracted so many views that PM Lee Hsien Loong saw it too, and sent Dominic a personal thank you e-mail! He stayed busy, contributing his writing and singing talents to the NS50 Album title track, “We’ll Carry On.” Check out his latest self-penned single “CLSE2U,” a heartfelt exploration of the push and pull of a relationship. We can’t wait to hear more original songs from Dominic!

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