Rainie Yang On Her Resolutions For 2017

Before heading to Singapore for New Year's, the Taiwanese popstar talks about what 2017 may hold for her

Fresh after releasing her tenth studio album, "Traces of Time In Love", Rainie Yang is ready to give her fans in Singapore a big treat.

She will be performing at Rock On! 2017, a New Year countdown party to be held at The Float @ Marina Bay on 31 Dec, 5pm. Joining her are other renowned acts such as multi-Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, Hoobastank, Shin, Penny Tai, Eric Chou, Kenji Wu and more.

Weekender finds out from Rainie what she has in store for fans this New Year - and what the new year will have in store for her.

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You recently began directing some of your own music videos. Are you hoping to move into directing and producing? Will fans get to see more of such work?

I’m afraid it’s still a bit too early to say! I still have so much to learn about directing and producing. Perhaps when I’m older or have more time to explore other options, then will I consider pursuing different goals.

But I do have a passion for directing, so I will keep working towards it. Who knows, you may be able to see more of my production work coming up!

What plans or resolutions do you have for 2017?

I hope I can continue to strike a balance between work and personal life, and be even better in both music and acting. Of course, the best is if I can produce a new project for everyone to enjoy.

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