Park Seo Joon On How He Stays Ahead In Korea

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5. The Chronicles of Evil will air for the first time in Singapore on 18 Aug, what can viewers look forward to in this movie?

“The Chronicles of Evil” is a thriller that illustrates the synergy of an appealing script and veteran actors. Viewers would be immersed in Inspector Choi’s complicated mentation and Cha Dong-jae’s emotions while captivated by the tensions in the movie.

6. The Chronicles of Evil was your first movie role, did you enjoy doing this thriller?

I always spend a lot of time on studying the characters no matter what the genre is, such that the viewers can understand and identify with the characters. In “The Chronicles of Evil”, I also worked hard to study the personality of the role so that I could deliver the role in a more profound way.

Catch Park Seo Joon in The Chronicles of Evil on Thu, 18 Aug at 10:40pm during Thrill’s Asian Fear Fest (Singtel TV Ch 415 & StarHub Ch 618).

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