Park Seo Joon On How He Stays Ahead In Korea

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Park Seo Joon shares with us the highlights of his career and how he plans on staying ahead

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Images: Courtesy of Celestial Tiger Entertainment

You might have been crushing on Park Seo Joon since you laid eyes on him in She was Pretty but the young star has been a part of the Korean entertainment scene since 2011.

His first entertainment role was appearing in Bang Yong-guk’s music video or “I Remember”, and he has since come a long way. Last year, he starred in two movies, The Chronicle of Evil and The Beauty Inside. This year, he’s back in another TV drama, playing the lead in Hwarang: The Beginning which airs in Korea in December.

We catch up with the busy star to find out what he’s been up to and how he plans on keeping his acting streak going.


1. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I am proud of working as an actor because I can re-enact the lives of different people which I hardly had a chance to experience. I can become someone who can touch audience’s hearts and deliver hope and joy through the characters I play. I will strive hard to act in more TV dramas and movies in future and become a good actor.

2. The Korean entertainment industry is notoriously competitive, how do you stay ahead?

I am not an over-ambitious person and I just think I would go step by step and build my filmography as time goes by. I guess I can become a good actor once I have a sound filmography.

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