Can’t Remember The Name Of A Movie You Watched? There’s A Site For That.

 This nifty website helps you recall movies you watched – and it works!

By Nicole-Marie Ng

We’ve all been there. Trying to recall a movie we watched years ago but failing to come up with the title.


Finally, there’s a website that helps put a name to the vague description of a ‘phantom’ movie we have in our minds.

Enter: Designed by a spin-off company of University of Oulu, Finland, the website claims to be the first ever descriptive movie search engine.

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Either type in the description of the movie or use the site’s voice-controlled movie search. This allows you to speak freely about the movie in as little or much detail as possible and it will generate a series of appropriate results.


Chances are, once you see the movie poster, something will click and you’ll be able to remember which movie you were looking for.

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Their database currently holds over 45,000 English language movies and generates results based on a combination of natural language processing and pattern recognition Artificial Intelligence.

The website is also a great tool for finding movie recommendations. Looking for a romantic movie starring Ryan Gosling or an action flick starring Chris Evans? Type it in and let the algorithm do its magic.

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