Sara Bareilles reborn

#44 Entertainment Sara Bareilles

From love song to heartbreak, sara bareilles is back with a new album

By Sonja Steinmetz

Since we last heard from her, Sara Bareilles has gone through heartbreak and heartache.

She ended a long romantic relationship, ended a few professional relationships too, and even moved all the way from Los Angeles to New York to start afresh.

The Rebirth of Sara Bareilles

In the midst of all these major life changes, The Blessed Unrest was born. It’s her fourth album, and the title aptly describes the situation she had found herself in while making it – uneasy, unrested and unsure.

These are undoubtedly scary and uncomfortable states of mind to be in but from chaos comes creativity.

#44 Entertainment Sara Bareilles

New City, New Sound

The album opener, “Brave”, sounds very much like the Sara that fans know and love. However, after those three minutes and 41 seconds, the rest of the album seems a little less familiar.

Working in a new city with new people will definitely change a girl, and there are shades of Sara on this release that we hadn’t seen before.

She comes across as pleading and introspective on “Hercules”, with its unusual instrumentation, and echo-y and somewhat distant in the epic “Satellite Call”. In “Eden” she dabbles in electronica and I’m not sure it’s a vibe that altogether suits her.

Sara is at her best when she’s at her most vulnerable. She paints pictures with her words, such as in “Manhattan”, where she beautifully describes the pain of a long-distance relationship that didn’t make it. “1000 Times” is another stand-out, soaked in the sorrow of unrequited love.

Whether or not you like the sound of the reborn Sara Bareilles, the album would make an interesting listen.

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