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A break-up may just be the best thing to happen to a band

By Sonja Steinmetz

Paramore has been around for almost ten years, which is incredible considering all its members are still under 30.

And, just like in any long relationship, there comes a point where you ask yourself if it’s still working.

Post-Break up

For founding members and brothers Zac and Josh Farro the answer, six years in, was, sadly, “No.” They left the band and many fans as well as industry insiders thought that that had spelt the end of Paramore.

But a break up doesn’t always have to be the end. In this band’s case, they took two years to re-group, re-evaluate and have come back stronger than ever.

Streamlined Band Yet Long Album

With their fourth, self-titled album, “Paramore”, their musical growth is more than evident.

I was expecting a less-impressive, perhaps thinner, sound now that they are two members short. They have proven me wrong. You can rock just as hard, if not harder, moving from a five-piece to a threesome.

Fans of the band will welcome their return after a four year hiatus. And they will not be disappointed. With seventeen tracks, the album clocks in at sixty minutes exactly, and many songs luxuriate at a generous four or five minutes.

Hayley Still the Star

Lead singer Hayley Williams’ voice is a force of nature. Honestly, I can’t think of any other female lead vocalist of a rock band right now that comes even close to her skill and talent.

Although petite, she’s got powerhouse vocals and lets them rip. On Still Into You, Now and Fast Car, her voice is bold, unapologetic and more than matches up to the hard-thumping drumming of Taylor York (who also plays bass) and Jeremy Davis’ skills on guitar.

But Paramore is not all “wham-bam-thank-you-Ma’am”. Fans of Paramore’s softer more tender side will enjoy Hate to See Your Heart Break and the bittersweet yet soaring track (One of Those) Crazy Girls.

Also, check out the three acoustic interludes which run under two minutes each that offer some respite from the hard rocking.

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