High time for Haim

Haim latest new album music review preview power 98 este danielle alana sisters

Haim latest new album music review preview power 98 este danielle alana sisters

Sibling rivalry not included

By Sonja Steinmetz

What is in a name?

The pronunciation of “Haim” rhymes with time. I’ve heard it butchered ever since their first single, “Forever”, was released. That stops henceforth!

Why such an unusual band-name? What does it mean? Why did they choose it? It doesn’t get simpler than that the three girls that make up the band, Este, Danielle and Alana, are sisters and “Haim” is their surname.

I have to admit it does have a certain ring to it.

Thicker than Water

Family ties and music go way back with the Haim girls who grew up in California. In fact, they started performing while still in school, thanks to their parents’ love for music. Mom and Dad were on guitar and drums, respectively, and the girls took over everything else.

They are like a modern day Von Trapp Family, minus a few kids.

Debut Days

The charm of their debut album, Days are Gone, lies in the sense of nostalgia it evokes. Haim grew up on ‘70s rock and folk, and their influence can be heard throughout the 11 songs on this disc.

What sets them apart from just paying tribute to a particular style is the influence of modern R&B on their music. Self-professed fans of Destiny’s Child, TLC and rapper Azealia Banks, Haim has a unique point of musical reference that hasn’t been heard before.

Thumbs up to a strong debut!

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