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Demi Lovato has successfully spun her vulnerability into her strong suit. Charmaine Phua, Producer/Presenter & Music Executive
of Power 98FM, tells us how

By Charmaine Phua

Decidedly pop-based, this self-titled album, Demi, is a really strong album that Demi Lovato has delivered.

Demi Lovato has openly shared with us her struggle with her body issues and, in this album, she doesn’t hold back on revealing what most people would consider personal.

One would think that all these would result in a vulnerable album, but Demi has successfully spun the tale around and proves it to be anything but. Taking the credit for penning nine out of the 13 songs on her fourth album, I would classify this album as the soundtrack of her triumph over her internal fight.

The first single, Heart Attack, is a catchy blend of pop synth and, when brought to life with her strong vocals, shows that she’s come a long way since her Disney days. The follow-up track, Made in the USA, is a summer hit that is easy to listen and hum along to.

For the perfect break-up song, look to Without the Love, where she asks, “What good is a love song without the love?” Or, if you’re looking for a glimmer of hope in relationship despair, check out Two Pieces, a moving track about two pieces of a broken heart that fit together. Altogether now: “Awww!”

Pay attention to the lyrics, and you can just picture the rollercoaster of emotions she has undergone throughout her career, from the lows in Nightingale, through the hesitant lyrics of In Case, and in the powerful nonchalance that exudes from Really Don’t Care, the track that features Cher Lloyd.

To sum it all up (be it her personal struggles or the album) is the emotionally-charged final track, Warrior. She sings about being a little girl who grew up too fast, having thicker skin, and being stronger than she’s ever been – a song that truly should be the victorious anthem of her career thus far. Perhaps it could also be considered an apt sequel to her comeback single, Skyscraper, in her third album.

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