5 Books To Gift Your Kids This Children’s Day Based On Their Age

Read aloud with your little ones for a fun bonding time!

After a day out with your child at the various activities and events lined up this Children’s Day weekend, kick back on the bed for some story time. Besides improving your child’s literacy and vocal expressions, books are an awesome gift for the whole family to bond by reading aloud together. This Children’s Day, gift your kids the magic of reading, and get in touch with your inner child too! We’ve selected five books great for reading together and organised them by their suitable age ranges, so set aside some snuggling time to enjoy a great story with your little ones.

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For Ages: Three to Five

Photo: Epigram

2. The Boy In The Whale Suit (by Marie Toh)

From local illustrator and storyteller Marie Toh comes a wonderful picture book that celebrates being different. Kai struggles to fit in, and even his conspicuous whale suit doesn’t get anyone to notice him. But being alone doesn’t make Kai feel lonely. Let your kids immerse themselves in Kai’s world, where the colourful little joys around us shine brighter than we usually notice them. Beautifully illustrated, this picture book can help develop your child’s mature feelings of empathy and acceptance of differences in society.


After reading aloud, you can join your child in watching the award-winning animated short film by Toh, upon which this book is based.

You can find the book at Epigram, Kinokuniya, or the library.

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