Watch Asian short films online free

Are you a fan of independent short films? Many Asian filmmakers have produced some of the most remarkable works that are often hauntingly relatable.

But these features were so hard to find. They get screened at some grand film festival in France, win some awards, and then get banned in local theatres. Or if we’re lucky, they will be shown at a local museum – however, they often fade into oblivion after the exhibition ends.

But now we’ve found a site where you can watch the best of Asia’s short films online, for a very reasonable price of FREE!

It’s called Viddsee, and not only do they document the best of existing productions, they are also open to new projects from up-and-coming filmmakers.

Here’s an example of one of Viddsee’s most popular listings. This short recently went viral for its immensely heartbreaking-slash-heartwarming message. Enjoy!


Visit to stream more of Asia’s best short films online.