Transformers Age Of Extinction- Keep Earth Human!

transformers 4
Optimus Prime is back with more heroics

With a brand new cast for a brand new era, Mark Wahlberg and co. usher in a new generation of Transformers films

The age of Transformers has passed. Humans have control of their planet and have cast away the robotic intruders.

The surviving Autobots and Decepticons are forced into hiding by humans looking to hunt them down. After the great battle which left many cities in ashes, but with the Earth still intact, a new wave of human beings rise, who soon attempt to harness powers beyond their control.

As the humans and Transformers refugees bicker amongst themselves over this dangerous power, a far more terrifying force awaits them.

Bye Bye, LeBeouf

After the dismissal of Transformers star Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model, replaced her. As such, there were no complaints from hot- blooded men.

However, one cannot help but wonder why the popular star of the Transformer movies, Shia LeBeouf, is not starring in the fourth instalment.

Apparently, LeBeouf had declared his gratitude to director  Michael Bay but feels that there is no more to explore with his character on the show, Sam. He has also said that he considers himself “Michael Bay-raised” but is looking to focus on films which will help him grow
further as an actor.

New Official Stills From Transformers
Mark Wahlberg is the new human hero

“Sweetie, hand me my alien gun.”

Mark Wahlberg plays a countryside mechanic who collects scrap in the hopes of putting his daughter through college. His family’s life changes
when he uncovers a hidden Transformer in what he assumed was a huge pile of scrap.

Upon discovering the Transformer, Wahlberg, or Cade in the movie, is embroiled in a plot that will bring a reign of terror over his family andhumanity. This begins with a paranoid government agent who visits to claim the Transformerand ends up threatening Cade’s daughter.

Look out for Wahlberg’s real children as they make their debut in the film!

Enter the Dinobots

This instalment is not short on eye candy
This instalment is not short on eye candy

When the Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer first surfaced, many fanatics had lost sleep trying to figure out who the new additions to the robot armies are. To accompany the familiar favourites comes a series of new additions to the franchise.

Among the most exciting of these is the villain Lockdown.
Seeing the amount of screen time this new bad boy gets in the trailer is enough to let one know
this is one to keep your eyes peeled for.

The introduction of the Dinobots has also created a lot of hype. Look out for which Dinobots make their entrance and what special abilities they have. Fans of the cartoon series are sure to be thrilled.

For die-hard Transformers fans, there have also been rumours of the appearances of Galvatron, Motormaster and Cyclonus. How could you
even think of missing this one?