In This Video: See Rihanna Geeking Out Over Star Trek

Who knew Riri was a hardcore Trekkie?

By Pamela Chow


Photo: UIP Singapore / Youtube

She wrote and sings the track “Sledgehammer” for upcoming movie Star Trek: Beyond, but Rihanna isn’t just a contributing artist. She’s also a die-hard Star Trek fan, she reveals in a recent featurette.

“This is something that’s been a part of me since my childhood,” the singer gushes in the video while backed by the single playing in the background. “I always felt very emotionally connected to the characters and what they were going through.”

Almost unable to curb her enthusiasm, Riri gets increasingly animated with her expressions and gestures.

“I love Star Trek. I would do anything for it in terms of the music,” she says.

She caps off the video by showing off her Star Trek T-shirt and proclaiming, “Holla!”

Watch the video of Rihanna geeking out over Star Trek here: