Singapore’s First Action-Thriller Film To Feature Talent From Thor & Wolverine

The high-intensity action film will bring onboard big names from regional and Hollywood hits

By Pamela Chow. Photos: Burn

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.12.57 pm

Singapore’s very first action-thriller feature film is set to be released soon, and its trailer has taken our breath away:

Titled ‘Burn’, the film will be produced by actor-producer Luke Lee, who will also star as the lead. Accompanying him, as seen in the trailer, is actress Pamelyn Chee.

The movie follows former hitman Shen, who has been severely wounded and completely isolated from civilisation. Nursed back to health, Shen learns of a rare herb an ancient warrior once took to save his village – and sets out on a hunt for rescue and revenge.

What’s more impressive than the trailer’s intense fight scenes and seven-storey pagoda (filmed at Chinese Gardens, no less) is the other talent coming aboard to make Burn happen.

It is to be directed by Malaysia’s acclaimed director, James Lee, known for his award-winning film The Beautiful Washing Machine. Burn will also recruit Hollywood stunt choreographer Jennifer Phillips, who has worked on high-profile films like Wolverine, Thor, Salt and Kung Fu Panda.

With Phillips on board, the film will feature real action moves performed without stunt doubles, plus groundbreaking visual effects on par with Hollywood’s action-thrillers.


It will also star actors Keagan Kang, Paul Foster and Fish Chaar, who were specially handpicked for their physical agility and their prowess in various martial arts and sports.

Want to show your support for Burn? Its crew has launched a crowdfunding campaign to make the 110-minute film a reality and to place Singapore on the international film map.

Burn is scheduled for release from late-2016 to early-2017. Support the crowdfunding campaign here.