Grace of Monaco: A life of glory

Grace Kelly: From film star to princess
Grace Kelly: From film star to princess
Grace Kelly: From film star to princess

Grace of Monaco is a romantic and historical saga that tells the story of actress Grace Kelly and her rise to her greatest role ever

At the peak of stardom, Grace Kelly gave up her Hollywood career to marry Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956. Six years later, she faced a crisis that threatened both Monaco and her marriage.

Shortly after her marriage, she was offered the chance to return to Hollywood for the starring role in “Marnie”. Grace was at a crossroad: Should she choose the life she had always wanted, or embrace the role of Her Serene Highness, The Princess of Monaco?

Director Olivier Dahan hopes to help the world understand the stakes of the era and events through the eyes of Grace, through the details of the camerawork, decors, and all in a narrative chronology.

Flawless Portrayal by Nicole Kidman?

Nicole Kidman has yet again managed to charm the hearts of her viewers with a touch of beauty and elegance. Playing the role of Grace Kelly, a lady torn between her former glory and her new royal life, Kidman effortlessly pulls off a splendid performance, inviting viewers to a touching and emotional journey into the heart of her role.

This role of actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly may be Kidman’s most challenging yet. You are likely to find her convincing.


A Glamourized Biopic

The film is certainly not without controversy. Grace Kelly’s children have reportedly slammed the film for its inaccurate depiction of the late princess’s story, including “a series of purely fictional scenes”.

Whether or not that is true – Dahan might have dramatized Grace Kelly’s story to appeal to the public’s fascination of royal families – we’d say it’s a movie to entertain, after all.

Whatever the motivation for making Grace of Monaco, the film effectively reflects a lasting interest in a significant and complex figure, and has kept the image of the princess alive 32 years since her death.

Grace of Monaco will not just shake the box office; it is set to stay in viewers’ hearts for a long time.

Grace of Monaco [PG]

DIRECTOR: Olivier Dahan
STARRING: Frank Langella, Nicole Kidman, Milo Ventimiglia & Tim Roth
GENRE: Drama, Biography
RUN LENGTH: 103 min