Attack on Titan updates (more pictures + trailer!)


Fans of Hajime Isayama’s mega hit manga series “Attack on Titan” have been waiting for this day – the live-action movie is coming to us on the big screen!

100 years ago, titans – fearsome giant beasts that feast on human flesh – suddenly appeared on Earth, pushing human civilisation to the edge on collapse. Humans built a towering wall to defend themselves, and they have since enjoyed a century of peace.

But, one day, the wall is suddenly breached by a freak titan assault, and mankind is now under the terror of titans. As the humans launch into action-packed war, the truth behind the origin of the titans arises. Eren Yeager, a young boy determined to make change, is humanity’s last hope.

Excited for Attack on Titan? Here are the latest character posters and the main trailer to get yourself ready:

AOT - eren character poster compressed

AOT - hans character poster compressed

AOT - mikasa character poster compressed

Watch the main trailer here:

By Pamela Chow

Attack On Titan [TBA]

Director: Shinji Higuchi
Starring: Haruma Miura, Hiroki Hasegawa, Kiko Mizuhara, Kanata Hongo, Takahiro Miura
Genre: Action, Sci Fi
Release: Part 1: 13 Aug; Part 2: 24 Sep